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1076 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral, VA, 23117
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January 2018 Photo "Swimming with Cows" Accepted into the Art League show 586 entered 100 accepted..(Juried by Ephraim Rubinstein)
December 2017 Photo "Old Mineral Farm Home" Accepted into the Art League show 222 entered 103 accepted.(Juried by Margaret Adams Parker)
October  2017 Photo "Old Farm Shed" Accepted into the Art league Show 454 entered 88 accepted. (Juried by Tim Doud)
August  2017 Photo "Old Farm House" Accepted into the Art League show 416 entered 100 accepted.(Juried by Stephanie Midon)
July 2017 Photo "One Room School House" Accepted into the Art League Show 665 entered 100 accepted.(Juried by Lucila Biscione)
Article in Philadelphia Inq. and South Jersey Magazine on Photo Restoration project for Cinnaminson ,NJ
Paul Seymour received recognition for his photography work that was used to decorate the lobby and hallways of the Cinnaminson Police Station. His work helped restore and preserve some of Cinnaminson Township's photographic history from 1940 through 1976. He worked with negatives that had been damaged by a flood.

Dec 2014, Certificate of Recognition for lifting and photographing fingerprints that resulted in the arrest and confession of several vehicle burglaries and thefts in Cinnaminson, NJ, and other jurisdictions.
Apr 1994 – May 2015
Cinnaminson Police Department
Retired Crime Scene Technician and Department Photographer

Free Lance
Ocean Grove, NJ, USA Aug 2013
Photo shoot for and NYC PRETTY.COM

Photography Education
New York Institute Of Photography
Current camera equipment and editing experience:
Nikon Digital Cameras, D800, 
Super Color IR Camera- Nikon D600
IR Fugi X100s
Nikon Film Cameras F100, F4
Fugi Professional 6X9 Film Camera

Lightroom CC
Photoshop CC
Nik Software

UAV/ Quad copters
DJI Inspire 1
DJI Phantom II+

All works © Paul Seymour 2013.
Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Paul Seymour. 
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